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Tutoring Maths in Belgrade

Tutoring in Belgrade is an expensive service, maybe just under 15% of students do have regular tutoring sessions (once or twice weekly). It may be about 10% of students who do take tutoring sessions but only when exams are close. … Continue reading

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We’re Going Pro!

We have been forced to upgrade our hosting package, being in danger of overloading the server. Our package is now called ‘Pro’, and will give us access to more CPU time, memory and disk space. The website will hopefully be … Continue reading

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Advertising on Exam Slips

A couple of years ago I noticed a link to a website called examzone on an edexcel gcse results slip. Instantly I though ‘advertising’. Now I realise what a captive and open audience students receiving their results are, from resit … Continue reading

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Private Tutors a Waste of Money!

Damn! How will we make a living? According to a PhD study the effect of study on a students gcse grade is next to none existent. Even in maths, the subject in which tutors make the biggest difference, the effect … Continue reading

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A – Level Credit Transfer?

January A – Level resits are no more. There is effectively only one opportunity to take A2 exams, unless a student is to retake an A2 exam and miss a year of their life. Many universities allow credit transfer, so … Continue reading

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Penalized for Resits?

A – Level resists are no more – almost. It used to be possible to take an A – Level module exam five times. Some students would take the first A – Level maths module exam, C1, in their GCSE … Continue reading

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Which Calculator?

Many schools recommend a certain model of calculator and some will sell you one, making a handy profit for the school, but the model of calculator is not a choice a pupil should have made for them. The calculator most … Continue reading

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Website disabled for two hours

My host conducted some sort of security scan and found what looks like a couple of hundred false positives for malware. This happened minutes after I finished an upgrade. You would think their antvirus software would be the very latest. … Continue reading

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The New People Friendly Blog

If you are looking for Paul Smith;s Blog, look here.

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