A – Level Credit Transfer?

January A – Level resits are no more. There is effectively only one opportunity to take A2 exams, unless a student is to retake an A2 exam and miss a year of their life.

Many universities allow credit transfer, so that a student can transfer from one University to another, having completed a year of study successfully and not have enrol and start a course from scratch.

Why not A – Levels? CIE – Cambridge International Exams – have an A – Level sitting in November. If a student arranged to sit an A – Level module exam in November with CIE, and a pass in that module were accepted towards an A – Level with some other exam board, it would give students two opportunities to sit A2 exams where there would otherwise only be one.

In fact, UK exam board do allow transfer of credit in limited circumstances. The gate is open for students to push it.

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