The Worse Things Go, The Better We Get

It’s strange. I decided yesterday to try and upgrade our blog install to accept multiple blogs using the same script. I didn’t know if it were even possible since I read somewhere this could only be done from the root directory of your websites. After a bit of a struggle, during which I managed to disable the whole website for an hour, I had everything working ok.

Then several very strange things happened. Our website went offline. At first I thought I may have overloaded the server, which I have done several times before. Then I discovered I could not even log into our hosting website. After a couple of hours, our website was back up. Then I noticed all the pages using our Joomla script were blank. I thought we had been hack, or some files had become corrupted. It took two hours of not being able to log in before I had the idea of checking the software running on the webserver. Our host had upgraded some software – specifically webserver software called php – to a version incompaitible with some of our website software. When I set the php version to an earlier more stable release, everything was ok.

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