Any student applying to a UK university through ucas applies to five universities and is either accepted or rejected conditionally by each one individually. They then have to choose from the universities that made them conditional offers who to accept BUT CAN ONLY ACCEPT UP TO TWO! Suppose then that they want to go to a top university like Imperial, York or UCL. Of course they will accept those offers. The only other they can accept is their insurance offer. If three of the other four universities are on a par with York and the other is bognor, they may feel forced to accept the offer from bognor to guarantee being able go to university at all. Suppose they fail to get into York by one grade. They made then end up in one of the worst universities in the country with A*A*A.
It couldn’t happen to a member of the royal family could it – none of whom was ever turned away from any university no matter how awful their grades!

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