Teach tolerance

Out of Israel this week came the latest in a long stream of videos showing an Israel soldier being brutal towards Palestinians. This particular soldier sat on an 11 year old boy with a broken arm, pointing his rifle at the boys head, before being surrounded by women and running away crying. 
They don’t teach tolerance in Israel. The whole Israeli education system, in fact the whole of Israeli society, is geared to preserve the primacy of Judaism in Palestine. Israeli Jews do not recognise that their own security depends on the consent of the population of Palestine to be governed by a system that the Jews feel comfortable with. Without this basic insight, the present system in Palestine is doomed to a violent climax.
Compare this with the German response to a tide of refugees.
I have no sympathy for a nation that glories in war and loses, but I have great respect for a nation that extends a helping hand to people fleeing war and persecition, even if only to soothe its own conscience for the wrongs it has done.
Not many people will know that before the rise of modern Germany, the German speaking people were divided, and among the most tolerant people in Europe.
When Germany was united and became aggressive and intolerant, its fate was sealed as others united against it.
South Africa came close to civil war because of an education system that taught intolerance and the USA had suffered low level unrest punctuated by riots for hundreds of years because of its own apartheid system. The us system only survived because of the numerical superiority of whites over blacks.
Israel has no time to learn this lesson now. It is too late. When Jews come to britain fleeing the retribution of the Palestinians they have persecuted, we should teach them the tolerance they were not taught in Israel.

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