Sure route to success

Have famous parents, like Romeo Beckham, now a model only because his fad is a football icon and his mum is s pop star.
Or George bush, who became president largely because his dad was also president, or trudeau of Canada, leader of the liberal party and son of ex prime minister trudeau.
Or wife to an ex president, like Hilary Clinton.
Or sister of internet entreprenur, like sister of mark xuckerburg. She now does nothing particular in computing, but is very famous for it.
Or offspring of a pop star. Even if you have no talent, like Stella mcartney or Julian Lennon, having a Beatle for s parent is s godsend.
In the UK, being a son of an ex prime minister sets you up for life, as with mark Thatcher. At the very least, ad with the Blairs, it can help you into parliament.
Even having been married to a high profile someone can make you sought after in the tabloids, like with Sarah ferguson.

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