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What always turned by off job applications was paperwork. The first hurdle to overcome is the application form.

To raise my profile I signed up for Linkin. A couple of weeks ago a conversation started.


  • Maths Teacher Role

    Hi We are looking for a maths specialist for various independent schools in London and surrounding areas. The positions will entail teaching Maths from Year 7 to A level and would continue till the end of the academic year with the possibility of becoming permanent for the right candidate. The chosen candidate would be expected to be able to raise achievement for all, have a secure knowledge and understanding of the concepts and skills in Maths, The school will look at post grads with strong degrees for this role so you don’t have to have a teaching qualification. Please send me your CV directly and I will contact you with further details. Kind regards Rebecca Nugent [email protected]

  • Dec 4


  • Today

    I also hate Paperwork 🙂 Does this mean you aren’t looking for a Teaching role? Kind regards Rebecca >On December 4, 2015, 3:17 PM, Paul Smith wrote: >I HATE PAPERWORK

  • If you pay me £150 I will come for an interview

  • sort ocde ##########

  • account number ############

  • bank ########

  • I charge by the hour and am allowing 5 hours

    Call me a time waster, obstructive, useless and lots of other things. The fact is, if they paid a decenty wage to maths teachers they would not have to plead with idiots like me to come and work for them.


  • Hi Paul, I have filled the role in the meantime. Kind regards Rebecca >On December 7, 2015, 7:33 PM, Paul Smith wrote: >If you pay me £150 I will come for an interview

  • What about my payment?



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