Pretty Vacant

In case you don’t know ‘pretty vacant’ is the title of a xong by the Sex Pistils.
A lot of jobs are going to automated out of existence in the next thirty or so years. Drivers, pilots, administrative occupations, many manufacturing jobs.
Any immigrant coming to this country will not be able to find work as a mini cab driver. Many will find nothing to do ever. Manymore English people might go straight from school to dole, with no prospect of ever getting a job,
To stop these people doing nothing all their lives, we must have some sort of ninimum income guranteed to everyone. This should be paid to everyone automatically, whether they work or not. It should be paid on top of any wages they earn and there should be the minimum of paperwork to get it.
People should not be allowed to do nothing to get this money. At the very least, they should be made to pick up litter and keep public space clean.

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