The Madness of Power

During the Vietnam War, one American general was recorded as saying We had to destroy the village in order to save it. Well, it made sense at the time. Sooner or later, anyone with any sort of, or aspiration to power does or says something so stupid it makes the rest of us wonder how they could ever think they could leave themselves open to ridicule.
A UKIP parliamentary candidate has said that girls at risk of fgm should have annual medical exams to ensure that have not been ‘fgmed’.
Even before the laughter died down, I started thinking about the alternatives.
Ever girl should have to send a video every year to the Ministry of Funny Walks.
There should be a design competition to design an fgm prevention pantylock, which explodes it tampered with.
Crazy suggestions invited. They have to make any sort of insane sense for at least a fraction of a second.until you

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