Why is it Illegal to Deface Money?

Ever thought of defecating (to use the technical term) on your leaders?
Put some paper money on the floor and do it. It’s so much fun.
Stupidly many countries prosecute you for this. Don’t they realise that defaced money is a donation to the treasury? Once defaced, money can be printed to replace it.
Every government in the world should be campaigning for people to go out into the street and defecate on the image of their leader printed on money.
I do hope this takes off.

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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >Why is it Illegal to Deface Money?
    | Bringing Revolution to Private Tuition <Liked it!

    • taxicle says:

      Of course it is cheaper and more fun to deface it in a country where money isn’t worth much and people don’t like the person on the notes/

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