My Trump Joke

There are some desperate people in my living room.
They are watching Donald Trump on the TV doing the things only Donald Trump can do.
First one says, “It’s horrible!”.
Second one says, “We’re all going to fie!”.
Third one says, “Aaaarrrrgh!”.
A key turns in the front door.
First one asks, “Who’s that?”.
Second one says, “It’s Paul”.
Third one shouts, “He’s here to save us!”.
Then they all shout, “Hip hip hooray! Three cheers for Paul!”.
I look into the camera, abd say “Sometimes I see myself caught in the glare of my own minds eye, and I can’t tell myself apart from the best superhero of the 21st Century.”.
Then I change the TV channel, and they are watching a cartoon on Children’s TV.

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