So Funny You Should Have Been There

I find two new faces in the sane day just a little bit confusing.

Or even two faces I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks.

So when one new face and one face I haven’t seen in two weeks turn up on the same day I can quite easily mistake one for the other, and ta;l to them for an hour calling them by the wrong name and talking about things that have nothing to do with them at all.

While I was going off on a mad mind walk, a lovely young man was sitting there, maybe thinking he should call a Doctor, and my good friend Burty was telling me that this was the guy who came two weeks ago and I was saying no, no this is Charles the little prince (private hoke).

I didn’t realise my mistake until Charles, who was a guest from airbnb only staying for one day, told me he was on the way to the airport, and I, trying to make some sense of the situation, asked where is brother was.

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