Nightmare Visions of the End

We are not having enough babies. The number of babies in the world has already peaked. In 70 or so years world population will start to decline and humans may be extinct because of the baby shortage in 15000 or so years. The last humans on earth may be two old ladies sitting on a verandah looking over a wrecked wasteland of human garbage.

The sun is gradually warming and in a billion or so years the earth’s oceans will have boiled away. No water left on earth and we will all die of thirst.

We are burning all the fuel and cutting down all the trees turning oxygen into carbon dioxide and destroying the ay to turn it back. We will suffocate in searing heat.

We are gradually each of us producing about 1 kg of poo per day, filling the planet with poo. One day there will be nothing but poo left to eat and drink and live in.

The moon is moving away from earth carrying away angular momentum. When we lose the moon the arth will turn on its side possibly exposing one scorched face permanently to the sun and leaving the other permanently frozen.

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