I am taking sleeping pills painkillers and antidepressants. Despite this I don’t sleep, am in lost constant pain and am depressed.

When I go out I almost certainly have to use bus or taxi.

I get regular dizzy spells.

I cant concentrate.

I get angry a lot more than I used to.

I spend a lot ore Tim at home than I used to.

Pain gets worse in winter., in taxis I can’t rest my leg. The knee feels weak.

When I left hospital my house was reaching the end of a £40 000 lof conversion. I was scared I would lose my house because I could not cycle. In addition I would have to climb 2 flights of stairs to sleep in the loft so I could rent out rooms which were decorated.

I have not worked on my websites since the accident.

Mu house does not have step free access. It is more difficult to get around than before the accident.

I used to cycle 10,000 iles a year., I was vigorous and fit. Now I don’t get any exercise of any kind at all. I have put on 2 stone.

I constantly twist and turn at night.  This means my wife gets less sleep.

Too often walking feels log hopping/swvelling/balancing on one leg especially on my stairs or steps.

My left ankle gets numb and hard to walk on even with crutches.

My left thumb is numb and stiff.

I regularly feel that my mind is going.

I had a mid life health check at 50. I would like to compare with my health now which I feel is significantly worse but cannot arrange one.

Can’t do most DIY.

Pain in upper arms and shoulders from use of crutches.

More may follow.

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