So Funny You Should Have Been There

I find two new faces in the sane day just a little bit confusing.

Or even two faces I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks.

So when one new face and one face I haven’t seen in two weeks turn up on the same day I can quite easily mistake one for the other, and ta;l to them for an hour calling them by the wrong name and talking about things that have nothing to do with them at all.

While I was going off on a mad mind walk, a lovely young man was sitting there, maybe thinking he should call a Doctor, and my good friend Burty was telling me that this was the guy who came two weeks ago and I was saying no, no this is Charles the little prince (private hoke).

I didn’t realise my mistake until Charles, who was a guest from airbnb only staying for one day, told me he was on the way to the airport, and I, trying to make some sense of the situation, asked where is brother was.

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Are You Coming Xmas Day?

Someone asked me that.


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How to Justify Crime

If you are a criminal, and you are looking for a way to justify your career what about this?

Crime is a way to redistribute wealth from the careless and gullible to the cunning and ruthless.

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The Robot Teacher

It’s here! Almost.

A scheme is Nigeria is using people to give lessons read from a tablet.

Teachers are told what to say, when to pause, when to doodle on the board etc.

For this parents pay $7 a month.

Why don’t we just leapfrog to the next advance?

Sod the teachers, and the students too. Lets feed them to the alligators and go 100% robotic ala terminator.

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Crawling Towards Xmas

This time of year is always pretty grim. Dark at 4pm every day, raining every other day and cold.

Fortunately Xmas starts in a week and I will have nothing that bothers me to do for 10 days.

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An Exam After Xmas is NOT What You Want!

Many A Level students exprecting a fun and parties at Xmas will have to bear in mond that mock exams are immediately after Xmas.
How can any student have fun with the thought of those post Xmas exams on their mind?
Exams after Xmas are not what you want!

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Yo! Know Micky Mouse?

NO! You do not know Micky Mouse.
It’s just a cartoon.
Huumph. One minute you think you know Micky Mouse. Before you know it you believe everything Donald Trump says.

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On the Way to Hell

A 15 year old Syrian refugee is beaten up at school, and his sister has her hijab torn off.
Thank God for the mobile phone camera.
Now the footage is all over the internet, and the assailants are on the way to hell, chased off facebook etc and probably driven into hiding – their house will bill paintbombed and they will be beaten up in the street.
No one should weep. They cannot say they have not brought it on themselves.

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Why You Should Do What You Want in Life

There is no bitterness as bitter as what you could have been.

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Sample Personal Statement

If you are applying for University next year and are thinking about your personal statement, you might try that one.
Anyone reading it decide you will either end up as a world changer or a binman. It would be a perfect personal statement for either.

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