• Young;s Modulus

    are proportional. We may define a ratio, The Stress is defined as The Strain is defined as Hence we may also write The Young's Modulus of a material is a measure of it's strength. If a material has a high Young's Modulus it is strong and resists...

  • Young's Dpuble Slit Experiment

    with two other slits as shown below, then the two slits b and c will act as point sources of light. Such an arrangement is Young's double slit experiment. Light from these two sources will be coherent and monochromatic and an interference pattern will...

  • Young's Double Slit Experiment

    This experiment was very important in demonstrating the wave nature of light. It is very simple, consisting only of a light source and two screens, one with two slits. Light passes through each slit, and the light that passes through each slit...

  • The Diffraction Grating

    The diffraction grating is Young's double slit writ large. Young's double slit has two slits, and the diffraction grating has many slits, each separated by the same distance. Additional slits with a constant separation will not affect the condition for...

  • The Maths of Youngs's Double Slit Experiment

    Young's double slit experiment, along with the pattern formed on a screen, is illustrated below. We can derive an expression for the distance between successive slits in two different ways. Both use the fact that for a bright fringe, constructive...

  • Young's Double Slit Experiment

    This experiment was very important in demonstrating the wave nature of light. It is very simple, consisting only of a light source and two screens, one with two slits. Light passes through each slit, and the light that passes through each slit...

  • Stress and Strain in Blood Vessels

    curve for the aorta is shown below along with curves for elastin and collagen. The slope of the stress strain curve is the Young's modulus for the material and is a measure of how stiff the tissue is. Stiffer tissues have higher values of the Young's...

  • Sensory Hearing Loss

    Sensory hearing loss can be caused by aging or by exposure to excessive noise over long periods of time. This can happen to young people who play loud music all day and night, or to people who work with loud machinery. Young people can avoid it by...

  • Speeds of Waves

    Waves In material of refractive index relative to a vacuum In the above table, = density, =Bulk Modulus, =Shear Modulus, =Young's Modulus, =tension, =elextric permittivity of space, =magnetic permeability of space.

  • Shear Deformation

    Material Shear Modulus (Pa) Aluminium Steel Glass Bone Rubber Quartz Wood The Shear Modulus is about one third the value of Young's Modulus for similar materials.

  • The Two Source Interference Pattern

    radiating from halfway between the sources. The same pattern of maximum and minimum intensity is produced by light (Young's double slit experiment) and water waves, though for light it is best observed by displaying the pattern on a screen, producing an...

  • Alloys

    For example, steel is stronger than iron, its primary element. Some physical properties, such as density, reactivity, Young's modulus, and electrical and thermal conductivity, of an alloy may not differ greatly from those of its elements, but other...

  • Differences Between Malleable, Ductile, Tough, Hard, Strong and Brittle

    the graph for the tough material being larger than that area for the not so tough material. Stiff materials have a high Young's modulus. It takes large forces and stresses to stretch them a little. The strength of a material is it's ability to withstand...

  • Fresnel Diffraction

    Fresnel diffraction with a double slit will produce two single slit patterns superimposed on each another, as observed in Young's slit experiment: the diffraction effects are observed as well as those due to the interference of the two sets of waves.

  • De Broglie and Matter Waves

    For a long time it was argued over whether light had a wave or particle nature. Thomas Young seemed to have settled the argument in favour of the wave nature of light, until observations of the photoelectric effect showed conclusively that light also...

  • Noise

    earphones or earplugs. In the UK, the maximum noise level is 90 dB over an eight hour day, or 100 dB for 48 minutes. Many young people expose themselves to much louder levels of music at parties andf discos. If your environment is loud enough for you to...

  • Types of Galaxy

    solar masses and similarly for luminosity. Irregular galaxies tend to have a lot of gas and dust and a high proportion of young stars. The above list is not exhaustive. There are a group which do not fall into any group – maybe because they are two...

  • The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

    associated with any single source. The early Universe was very dense and hot, and rapidly expanding and cooling. While very young radiation could not travel through it, because any photon would be repeatedly absorbed and re – emitted. There came a point...

  • Populations, Samples and Censuses

    quicker and cheaper to conduct. Only a representative fraction of the population need be sampled, with men, women, old, young etc being sampled in the same proportion as they occur in the population. A sample is much less accurate than a census and has...

  • The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

    In 1964, two young radioastronomers, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, accidentally discovered the cosmic microwave background radiation using a well-calibrated horn antenna. They thought it was due to instrument error, dirt etc. but it was soon...


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