O Level Maths Notes

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Angles in Polygons

Circles, Sectors, Arcs, Areas, Segments, Perimeters

Direct and Inverse Proportion

Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration



Problem Solving With Algebra

Ratios of Lengths, Areas and Volumes

Solving Linear Equations

The Cosine Rule

The Quadratic Formula

The Sine Rule

Compound Interest

Finding the Mode, Median and Mean From Frequency Tables

Functions – Domain, Range/Codomain

Inverting Functions

Simple Trigonometry – Finding Angles in Right Angled Triangles

Simple Trigonometry - Finding Sides of Right Angled Triangles

Solving Inequalities

Vectors 1

Venn Diagrams 1

Curve Sketching and Solving Graphical Inequalities

Probability and Tree Diagrams

Simplifying Surds

Solving Simultaneous Equations Algebraically

Vectors 2

Solving General Quadratics and Differences of Squares

Factorising Into Two Brackets When the Leading Term is

Matching Curves With Equations

Graphs and Relations of Trigonometric Functions

Maximising and Minimising Expressions


Sketching Inequalities and Finding the Region Satisfied by Inequalities

Constructions – Bisecting Angles and Lines, Constructing an Angle of 60 Degrees


O Level Additional Maths Notes

Tables and Matrices

Using Straight Line Graphs to Find the Relationship Between Two Quantities

Amplitude, Maximum, Minimum and Period of Trigonometric Functions


Integration and the Ares Between Two Curves

The Factor Theorem



Maxima and Minima – The Second Differential Criterion

Differentiation – The Product Rule

Matrices – Sums, Products, Determinants and Inverses

Combinations and Permutations

Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration

Completing the Square and Solving Quadratic Equations

The Binomial Expansion

The Quotient Rule

Practical Vectors

Solving Absolute Value Equations

Integration by Parts

Solving Exponential Equations

Maximisation or Optimisation Problems

Solving Quadratic Exponential Equations by Substitution

Solving Simple Differential Equations

Solving Trigonometric Equations

Tangents and Normals

Using Matrices to Solve Simultaneous Equations

Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Using the Discriminant to Find the Number of Roots of a Quadratic Curve

The Remainder Theorem

Simultaneous Equations With One a Quadratic

Proof of Pythagoras Theorem

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