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10 Question Tests for GCSE Maths

10 Question Tests for GCSE/IGCSE Additional Maths

10 Question Tests for IGCSE Maths

Integration and Differentiation of Polynomials, Tangents and Normals, Maximan and Minima and Arithmetic Series

Logarithms and Exponentials, Trigonometry, Geometric Series, The Binomial Expansion and The Trapezium Rule

Integration By Parts, Substitution, Differentiation Using the Product, Quotient and Chain Rules, and Trigonometry

Tangents, Lines and Planes, Vectors, Rates of Change

Linear Programming, Critical Path Analysis, Networks, Monte Carlo Methods

Dynamic Programming, Logistics Planning

Complex Numbers, Telescoping Series, Matrices, Loci and Argand Diagrams

Hyperbolic Trigonometric Functions

Forces and Motion, Moments, Vectors

Circular Motion and Motion on Slopes

Venn Diagrams, Quartiles, The Normal and Binomial Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Conditional Probability

The Central Limit Theorem, The Uniform Distribution, The Continuity Correction,, The Cumulative Distribution

Anova, The F Distribution

10 Question Tests for GCSE Physics

10 Question Tests for IGCSE Physics

The Stars, Universe and Cosmology

Ohms Law, Kirchoff's Laws, Internal Resistance and Power

Diodes, Transistors and Control Systems

Error and Experimental Analysis

10 Question tests on electric fields, magnetic fields and gravity.

Viscosity, Stokes Law, Drag, Archimedes Principle

Forces, Motion, Moments and Vectors

Youngs Modulus and Hookes Law, Stress and Strain, Hysteresis

The Body as a Machine. Physics in Medicine.

Structure of Nucleus, Radioactivity and Stability. The Atom Bomb and Nuclear Decay.

Snells Law, The Thin Lens Equation, The Microscope and Telescope

Bosons, Lepton, Fermion, Hadrons - Classification of Particles. The Fundamental Forces. Exchange Oarticles.

Wave Particle Duality, Virtual Particles, Energy Levels

Transformation of Velocities, Spacetime and Evidence

The Ideal Gas Laws, Kinetic Theory of Gases, The Triple Point, Specific and Latent Heat

Interference and Resonance, The Diffraction Grating,  The Two Slit Diffraction Pattern, Path Difference

Short and punchy tests on Electricity and Magnetism

Degree Level Questions on Optics

Degree Level Questions on Quantum Mechanics

Degree Level Questions on Special and General Relativity