Maths and Physics Notes - Every Level From GCSE to University

There are so many syllabuses in schools, colleges and universities, but the maths and physics is all the same. Anybody looking for tailored course notes on the internet must have an extremely confusing time between the in depth articles on wikipedia and explanations without examples on many websites. Not many of these are written by teachers who know all the pitfalls and misconceptions that trip up many students. I am working now on creating a comprehensive set of notes for every major maths and physics topic and qualification in the English speaking world.

I estimate it will take about 10 years writing two pages of notes a day, with worked examples if necessary. Some of the notes can be used for more than one qualification, which might cut the work down a bit. I have written several complete sets of notes already - click the links at bottom right - and hope to finish all the A Level Maths and Physics notes by the end of 2013.

The major work will be in writing the university maths and physics notes, since there are so many maths and physics courses at university, and literally thousands of topics, some of them very unfamiliar to me. I am also making online maths and physics tests. Eventually I hope there will be a test for each page of notes and for each qualification I hope to create free online tests.

Frankly at the moment these are only half formed ideas in my mind, but I have come a long way with the internet in the three years since I got involved with it, and I don't believe anyone is moving faster in these areas than I am. I believe I can provide a better explanation of any maths or physics topic than anyone else out there, and my belief being that everything on the internet should be free, all you have to to to get me writing notes for you is to email me your course and subject.

With so much work being done there will be mistakes, and even though I check every page several times before I put it up, and correct any as soon as I find them, some have escaped me. If you find a mistake in any of my notes or think you can explain a point better, if you require additional examples on a specific page, please email me. I will jump to it. Subscribe to our maths and physics notes newsletter to be notified when sets of notes are completed