Private Maths Tuition - Every Level From KS1 to Degree

Maths is the gold standard subject. Many subjects require mathematical skills and the thinkings skills that can only be learnt from having studied maths.Managing money is an essential life skill - the proportion of people in debt or who default on their mortgages is much lower among people with even the most basic mathematical knowledge than with no mathematical knowledge at all.Nothing makes as much difference to a person's choice of possible careers and earning potential as having a maths qualification.

Being the most highly rated subject however, attracting the highest salaries, it also meams that employers not willing to pay the price do not attract the talent. The government is not willing to pay the price to attract good mathematicians into teaching, so that many maths teachers do not have maths qualifications beyond A Level, and a large proportion of teachers are teaching to the frontier of their knowledge and even learning as they go along.

Many parents and students are hiring tutors to make up for the deficiency in the teaching provided by their school, and often to ensure they get a particular grade to get onto a particular course or into University.

The latest trend is for adults to hire tutors in a personal capacity. Many people have to pass exams to get a promotion or a job. One of those exams is often a maths exam, and teachers are now required to take online maths tests every few years to maintain a certain level of mathemetical proficiency - though many teachers complain they only ever use maths to count the number of pupils in their class.

Sadly though, and this might be a good part of the reason that the United kingdom is in such a financial mess. No politician is required to take any maths test of any sort whatsover - not even the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who has all those billions of pounds passing through his hands (and quite possibly, some of it through his pockets). Notoriously, one Chancellor - actually Lord Randolph Churchill, father or Winston Churchill - turned up to his first day on the job, opened the books of the nations accounts, and said, 'I never could figure out what those damn dots were!', referring to decimal points.

One day things might change. Mathemetical skill is part inherited, part conditioned. You may one day be able to go down to your local GP and become proficient in Maths with one easy gene treatment or braintraining session. Some computer chip company may learn to interface brain tissue seamlessly with silicon and put all the knowledge contained in a Maths Degree onto a chip, which may be inserted into your brain at the local outpatients department.

Until then, you have to take the slow train to knowledge. We can't make learning maths instant and painless. We can only make it a little bit faster and a little bit less painful, and because we are specialists in tutoring maths, you can be sure that the tutor turning up at your door knows exactly what you need to know and the most effective way to make sure you learn it.

Homework is left after each session - though we do use our disgression in collecting it - and we aim to make sure that everything is constantly refreshed and represented in slightly different ways so that topics are understood and knowledge can be applied when the student is given problems to solve.