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STEP Tuition/Oxford and Cambridge Entrance

The exams are set in June each year. Students may sit up to three papers: STEP I, STEP II and STEP III. Universities specify which papers need to be taken. Cambridge requires students to sit STEP I and/or II if the student has taken maths but not further maths at A - Level, and STEP II and II if they are studying further maths at A - Level. for entry to a maths degree STEP I (necessary for single maths candidates) and/or II (depends on which college) if they are taking Mathematics A Level, and STEP II and III if they are also taking Further Mathematics. STEP exams - usually STEP II - are also set by some Cambridge colleges for entry to courses with mathematical content such as computer science or engineering. are also occasionally required for other courses at the University of Cambridge, such as computer science and engineering.

STEP I and II are both based on Maths A - Level, mostly C1 - C4, and STEP III is based on further maths, mostly FP1 and FP2, but all the papers involve extensive problem solving. Calculators are not allowed.

There are five possible grades, based on grade boundaries which may vary from year to year:

S – Outstanding

1 – Very Good

2 – Good

3 – Satisfactory

U – Unclassified.

STEP papers are marked out of 20. The final grade for is based on the student’s six best answers only.

All the questions answered by a student will be marked. Candidates are awarded method marks, even if the final answer is incorrect. Correct answers always receive full marks whenever a valid method is used.

Usually a candidate who answers four questions well will be awarded a grade 1 for that paper.

Oxford have their own Maths admission test, sat in early November. On the basis of this students will be invited for interviews, during which further maths competence may be required to be demonstrated.

We tutor for all the STEP exam papers, and Oxford exams, and also provide specimen solutions on request.