Degree Level Maths Tuition From Maths Specialists

Every University writes their own courses and sets their own exams. This means a lot of variation in the level that students are expected to reach, and makes tutoring degree level maths students more difficult.

On the other hand, University maths exams tend to be a lot more predictable in the questions that are set. A University might set several thousand exam papers each year. If each paper were to be written anew, this would mean a lot of work, that the papers were harder to mark, and results less reliable.

For these reasons, the typical University cycles the questions from a question bank, meaning that though the paper cannot be predicted exactly, working through a few past papers presents you with most of the questions that will be asked.

We Tutor These Maths Topics Up To Degree Level

Approximation Theory


Differential Geometry



Non Linear Dynamics

Group Theory

Galois Theory

Abstract Algebra

Number Theory

Real Analysis

Linear Algebra


Matrix Theory

Complex Analysis

Fractal Geometry

Chaos Theory

Theory of Differential Equations

Many topics cross boundaries. Other topics may be covered. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. While face to face tuition can only take place in London, I also offer videoconferencing. Please email or call to arrange.