Private One to One IGCSE Maths Tuition

International GCSEs or IGCSEs were introduced in 1988 and designed for international students. Much of the material is common to both qualifications, and the range of grades is the same - U to A*. Students study for IGCSEs between the ages 14 - 16.

IGCSEs are sat in over one hundred and twenty countrires and are becoming more popular in England, especially among private schools - over three hundred private schools in the UK set IGCSE exams.

Many people think IGCSEs are more rigorous - they do not include a coursework component, unlike many GCSEs - though both are given the same weight by Universities and Colleges. Most Universities will demand IGCSEs or equivalent in maths and english as a prerequisite for entry to a degree course. Some employers are confused however, because IGCSEs are much less common than GCSEs.

All three major exam boards in the UK now set IGCSE exams - Edexcel and AQA write their own, and OCR publish through a subsidiary, CIE.

All students study English and Maths - the core subjects - and may pick from over seventy other subjects. Typically students study around ten subjects in total.

We tutor maths at this level. Maths is the most important subject, needed to be able to enrol for many A Level subjects, by many colleges for entry to many training courses, and by most universities as a prerequisite to entry to a Degree course,

All our tutors have a maths or physics degree and tutoring experience, including good feedback from students and parents. They all have current CRB or police checks which is displayed on their profile. Many of them have made a contribution to our websites - writing notes, making videos, or contributing on the forum.