IB Maths Tuition By Maths Specialists

The International Baccalaureate Organisation was founded in 1968 to provide educational qualifications suitable for University entrance that would be internationally recognised. Called the Diploma, it originally catered to the internationally mobile population of diplomats and businessmen, though now the IB is taken by many people because it is a competitive alternative to the domestic qualifications they would otherwise take between the ages 16 - 19. Over the years the Interntional Baccalaureate has widened and there are now tailered courses for primary and secondary school, though when people refer to the IB, they usually mean the 16 - 19 Diploma program.

In the UK the Diplma program is offered by over 160 schools and consists of:

An extended essay for which students undertake independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the subjects they are studying. The world studies option allows students to focus on an area through the lens of subjects they are studying.

A theory of knowledge module - a sudy of the learning process which teaches the student skills of critical thinking.

'Community Service Action' or CAS to encourage engagement in the arts, develop a healthy lifestyle through sport and perform some community service.

Students must choose at leat one subject from each subject area - sciences, language/literaure, languages, maths, and the individual/society. Students may also sudy an additional subject from one of these areas, or an arts subject. Three or four of these must be at higher level and the remainder at standard level.

Students take internal assessments, and written external exams at the end of the programme. The marks awarded for each subject range from 1 up to 7 and marks can also be awarded for the theory of knowledge and extended essay modules. The diploma is awarded to students gaining from 24 up to the maximum of 45 points, subject to certain minimum levels of performance in each module and completion of the CAS module.

We teach IB Maths, both Higher and Standard. We have written complete course notes for IB maths, and made many educational videos. Each of our tutors is CRB checked, has a Maths or Physics Degree and extensive experience with good feedback from students.