Specialist GCSE Maths Tuition Throughout London

Pupils between the ages 14 - 16 in state schools study KS4. At the end of KS4, in year 11, most pupils take public GCSE exams. Every student takes exams in the core subjects, and students also take exams in a range of other subjects.

The core subjects studied for GCSE are


English Literature


Science, which may be studied as one, two or three GCSEs. Core Science is equivalent to one GCSE and includes Bilogy, Chemistry and Physics. If Additional Science is also taken, another GCSE is awarded. Alternatively, Biology, Chemistry and Physics may be studied separately, and a GCSE awarded for each subject.

Pupils alos study from the following subjects.

Art and Design


Food Technology



Information & Communications Technology


Physical Education

Religious Studies


We teach maths and physics at this level. Maths at GCSE or equivalent is a prerequisite for most degree courses, and a great many courses of all kinds.