Is This Trapezium Isosceles

A trapezium is isosceles if it has a line of symmetry, like the trapezium below.

If a trapezium is isosceles, when reflected in the line of symmetry, the slant heights must be reflected onto one another. This means they must have the same length, a given the endpoints of the lines.  
\[(x_1,y_1), \: (x_2,y_2)\]
, we can find the length  

This distance from A to B is  
\[|AB|= \sqrt{(2-1)^2+(3-1)^2}=\sqrt{5}\]
This distance from A to B is  
\[|CD|= \sqrt{(10-8)^2+(4-5)^2}=\sqrt{5}\]
The distances are the same, and so the trapezium is isosceles.

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