Resultant Force equals Mass*Acceleration

Kinetic Energy equals

Gravitational Potential Energy equals Mass*9.81*Height

Ohm's Law: Voltage equals Current*Resistance

The reciprocal of the total resistance in a parallel circuit is equal to the sum of the reciprocals of the resistances

The total resistance in a series circuit is equal to the sum of the resistances

The electric power delivered to a component equals current*voltage*time



Final velocity equals initial velocity+acceleration*time

Energy equals Power*Time

Weight equals Mass*9.81

Energy equals Mass*Specific Heat Capacity*Rise in Temperature

Wave speed equals Frequency*Wavelength

Density equals Mass divided by Volume

Refractive Index equals sin of angle of incidence divided bysin of angle of refraction

Critical angle

Hooke's Law: Force equals Force Constant*Extension

Pressure equals Force divided by Area

Work Done equals Force*Distance

Boyle's Law: Pressure*Volume=constant if the temperature is kept constant

Pressure Law: Pressure divided by Temperature is constant if the Volume is kept constant

Charle's Law: Volume divided by Temperature is constant if the Pressure is kept constant

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