Believe it or not, we are all digital machines.

DNA is actually a form of binary code. A typical length of binary code is translated from its bases as


by making the assignment A=00, C=01, G=10, T=11, or any variation of these, we can express the length of DNA above as binary code, obtaining


In principle we could run the whole human genome as binary code on a computer, using the right interpreter to decode it.

There three billion letters in the human genome, the equivalent of a computer program three billion bits long.

If we could write an interpreter we would have a new way to investigate disease and improve the generic stock of the human race

More exotically, we could have living computer programs - programs that self debug, and extend their own life, possibly indefinitely.

We could resurrect extinct species, and analyses entire genomes of every animal of an endangered species to construct the best breeding program. Applying it to farm animals would mean better meat and more milk.>

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