Units, Conversion Factors and Constants

Viscosity N s/m 2

Electric Field V/m

Mass of Sun 1.99x10 30 Kg

Capacitance frad, F

Charge coulomb, C

Resistance ohm, Ω

Inductance henry, H

Moments N m or Kg m 2 /s 2

Torque N m or Kg m 2 /s 2

Light Year 9.46x10 15 m

Angstrom 10 -10 m

hp 750W

Atmosphere 1.01x10 5 N/m2

eV 1.6x10 -19 Joules (J)

atomic mass unit, u, 1.66x10 -27 Kg

Speed of Light, c 3x10 8 m/s

Gravitational Constant, G, 6.67x10-11Nm 2 /Kg 2

Avagadros's Number, N A , 6.023x10 -23 particles

Universal Gas Constant, R, 8.314 J/g mole K

Planck's Constant, h, 6.63x10 -34 J s

Charge on Electron, e, 1.602x10 -19 C

Electron Rest Mass m e , 9.11x10 -31 Kg

Proton or Neutron Rest Mass, m p , 1.67x10 -27 Kg

Coulomb's Law Constant 9x10 9 Kg m 2 /s 2 /C 2

Permeability Constant, μ 0 =4πx10 -7 Kg m/s 2 /C 2

Mass of Earth 5.98x10 24 Kg

Radius of Earth 6.38x10 6 m

Earth – Sun Distance, 1 Astronomical unit, 1.496x10 11 m

Earth – Moon Distance 3.84x10 8 m

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