The Danger of Flooding Due to Global Warming

Global warming is a threat in all sorts of ways. We are often told that the Earth is warming, and that this will mean more famine, heatwave and drought. There is however a much more real threat to many people, especially those living in low lying areas - Holland, Bangladesh -or areas close to the sea.
Global warming could lead to rising sea levels in to ways. Heating water, in most circumstances, causes it to expand. If the temperature of the ocean increases on average by 1 degree, the sea level could increase by about 18cm. Much more threatening than this however, is the threat posed by melting glaciers and ice caps at the poles. If these melt, sea levels could rise by about 70m. Large parts of major cities like London and New York will flood. Many capital cities are built on the coast or tidal rivers. Any man made floor protection measure, like the Thames Flood Barrier, will be overwhelmed and tens of millions of people could be displaced.

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