A Very British Tsunami

In December 2004 an Earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami - giant wave -which killed about 250,000 people. Japan is on a major fault, and regularly experiences earthquakes out to sea which generate tsunamis, sometimes killing thousand of people. There is an island, La Palma, in the Atlantic, with a fault running right through it. A minor earthquake might cause half the island to slip into the sea. triggering quite possible the largest tsunami ever seen, which will cause damage to major coastal cities all around the Atlantic basin. In England too, we face a tsunami risk. Norway has regular landslides. 8200 years ago, Doggerland in the North Sea, was land. Ir was hit be a tsunami about 5m high which washed away part of it and left it submerged.

The submerged Doggerland is now called the Dogger Bank

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