Variation of Energy Use With Wealth Between C ountries

Not all countries are the same. This is especially true as regards attitudes to energy use and energy efficiency. The Americans and Swiss for example, and may countries in the Middle East, just love their gas guzzling cars with their 6 litre V12 engines. Many of these countries deny that climate change is caused by our use of fossil fuels, or even deny that it exists. Other countries are enthusiastic in their efficient use of energy, encouraging the use of solar panels and wind turbines, even generating most of their electricity from renewable and mandating that all new houses be carbon neutral and having national energy efficiency campaigns..
Countries that produce and export fossil fuels tend to be more extravagant in their use of energy than countries that import it. Some countries in the Middle East subsidise the use of fuel, so that a litre of petrol might be 10% of the cost in some other country, where it is taxed. Russia ;looks forward to global warming, because vast areas of permanently frozen land will defrost and able to be used for agriculture or mined for minerals.
These differing attitudes are perhaps most clearly shown by comparing the wealth generated per unit of energy produced.

It should be noted that these figures must be qualified by:
Less developed countries have higher priorities than energy efficiency, like economic growth.
Certain countries have more energy intensive industries than other countries. These may well be low skilled industries, using a lot of energy but not producing a lot of wealth. This is especially true of Russia.

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