Forces and Accelerations: F=ma

< >If you push something it moves, and if you push it harder it moves faster. If you keep pushingit it will be faster and faster.. it will accelerate in fact, and theacceleration will be proportional to the force you apply.

Theexplanation above is very simplistic. It ignores all other forcesapart from the applied force. Infact there will be other forces acting, most commonly friction, andwe must find the net force F before we use F=ma to calculate theacceleration.

The ball above is falling.The net force F is W-R. If m=5 Kg and R=20N then applying F=ma:

The block above is beingpulled along the ground. The resultant force F is P-R. If P=30N,R=10N and m=2 Kg then applying F=ma:

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