The Myth of the Bermuda Triangle

Many people have heard of the Bermuda triangle as an area of the Atlantic where ships disappear without trace.

Various explanations have been put forward, among them alien abductions, space time vortices – whatever that means – and sea monsters. Whatever the cause, often there is not even enough time before disaster strikes for the ship disappears.

One explanation is the existence of underground caves full of gas and fresh water. Both of these are less dense than air, and if the roof of the cave collapses, the fresh water – gas mixture may rise rapidly. If a ship is passing over the cave, it may suddenly find itself less dense than the water around it and be quickly engulfed. Another is that methane gas, which is usually liquid at the depths of the \Bermuda, may become unstable and form bubbles. As they rise, they cause the water to become less dense overall than the ship, which will then sink.

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