Multiplying, Dividing, Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Fractions

We can multiply, add, subtract or divide fractions. The methods are shown below:

Multiplying Fractions– frankly we just multiply:

Adding Fractions– We make a common denominator:

Subtracting Fractions – Again make a common denominator:

Notice the answer is minus.

Dividing Fractions: Turn the second fraction upside down and multiply.

The reason we do this is illustrated here:

Mixed Fractions

A mixed faction is anything with a whole number and fraction together eg.Before we actually add, subtract, divide or multiply mixed fractions we should change them into top heavy fractions, such that the numerator is larger than the denominator.

Multiplying Mixed Fractions:

Adding Mixed Fractions:

Subtracting Mixed Fractions

Dividing mixed Fractions:

Notice for the last question above we simplified at the end. We should always do this if possible.

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