The Effect of a Nearby Supernova on Earth

The power output of a supernova is about  
  times the power output of the Sun, or  
\[10^{11} \times 3.84 \times 10^{26}=3.84 \times 10^{37}W\]
. The minimum safe distance for a supernova is said to be 50 light years. How will a supernova at this minimum distance affect the Earth?
The distance of the supernova in metres is 50 light years or  
\[d=50 \times 9.46 \times 9.46 \times 10^{15}=4.73 \times 10^{17}\]
The intensity of radiation from the supernova at the Earth is  
\[I=\frac{L}{4 \pi d^2}=\frac{3.84 \times 10^{37}}{4 \pi \times (4.73 \times 10^{17})^2}=13.37 W/m^2\]
This is only about 1% of the intensity of the Sun's radiation received at the Earth's surface (1358 W).

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