An internship is a 4-10 week work placement at a copmpany during the summer for Graduates looking to gain experience.

Getting an internship is an awkward process. If your daddy doesn't own the bank, you will an anonymous face in the queue. You should start your planning well in advance. You could start by

1. Setting up and maintaining a linkedin profile. Linkedin has a 'projects' section, in which you can describe all the problems you have come across and solved. Any projects you have comepleted as part of your high school education or degee can go in here. Linkedin is an excellent place to make industry contacts and look for an internship or even a job.<

2. Maintain a blog or website. It can always be yours and if like mine, it is self hosted, you will learn many valuable IT skills.

Consider whether you actually need an internship. You may not be paid for it and may do nothing more than make the tea.

Start early on your CV and keep editing it until you are satisfied. Don't make it longer that a page. Make it short and puchy, and don't use any stock phrases like 'well presented' or 'flexible'. Try to drive a stake in their heart.

Programmes tend to open for applications in September - October for internships in the following year and close in January.