Choosing Your A Levels

When choosing your A Levels, don't make ease of getting a good grade part of the criteria.

Universities, and life will FIND YOU OUT if you make a habit of taking the easy option. Think about how to conquer the world, and choose A Levels that will help you do it. If you can't decide choose general subjects - Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Economics, English - these subjects are useful for a wide range of careers. The sciences are gold standard subjects - maths is the highest regarded A Level - and train your mind to be a rigorous problem solver, and the others teach you to write essays.

Don't take media studies or general studies - these are a complete waste of time and not taken into account by many Universities.

Subjects like Business studies and Psychology are not worthless, but are frankly not worth an A Level in Maths, and should only be chosen if they are relevant to the career you want.

Take subjects that interest you, and are not the new fangled A Levels that are easy to get a good grade in, and Bear in mind that most emploers when looking to recruit graduates, are looking for 'good graduates', and not graduates in a particular subject.

Meet your subject teachers in advance if you can. A bad teacher can guarantee you a bad grade.