Lifelong Learning

A great many well paid semi skilled and even skilled jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. Self driving cars will make taxis redundant and drones and self driving lorries will make delivery drivers redundant. Drones will mean we need no fighter pilots, and even passenger aircraft might fly themselves. Millions of people will need a new way to make a living.

Everyone should therefore develop a new set of skills which might possible one day provide them with a living. I have a living as a maths and physics tutor, but I have also learnt over the past ten years to administer a server, build a website, seo a website, make videos, secure websites and server from hackers, set up an email server,set up php caching and lots of other things.

I write maths and physics articles for my website.I have learnt much more about both maths and physics than I learnt during my formal studies as a result.
Learning should not stop with your formal education. There are many skills to discover and rediscover. Whatever you occupation, your knowledge of your craft is never complete.
Whatever your age, a GCSE in Maths or a Science will improve you if you didn't get one at school.
There are any number of qualifications at your local adult education college, and any number of interest groups you can join.

If you ever stop learning, society will find it has no use for you, and put you on a straight road to the grave.