The Armed Forces Option

The armed forces are underestimated educational institutions.

I have no respect for a man with a gun, or who bombs primitive brown men from 30,00 feet, or by operating a drown from an office in the unstressed British countryside. I see no reason for men to go out and kill other men as an act of policy - and I don't like the attitude among soldiers along the lines of 'go to exotic places... meet exotic people... kill them', but as an institution that takes unfocused young men and now women with few skills and few qualifications and makes them into something useful, the British armed forces are among the best, The Army teaches you a whole range of problem solving skills that you cannot learn anywhere else - perseverance, some quite intricate maths and engineering skills, pride and discipline and timekeeping - these are all high valued skills in any workplace.

Many people who have served their time in the armed forces are qualified to become team leaders in business because of the leadership and team player skills they acquire. In the USA there is a 'troopers into teaching' programme that trains ex soldiers as school teachers, bringing discipline to rowdy American schools.

The message frankly is - if you can't find your way in life, join the army, the navy or the air force.