Personal Statements

Most personal statements are deservedly full of pap. You are after all trying to sell yourself to a university, and pap is what they deserve. If you were Prince George no university would bother themselves with such rubbish - no doubt anyway Prince George will have his written for him by the finest minds in the country, and any university will know this.
That said, show some front, and be in your face.

Keep a blog, or even build a website - the main subject being your desired area of study.
Every summer you will have at least six weeks with not much to do. Do some volunteer work in your desired area of study. Want to study medicine? Volunteer in your local hospital.
See if you can get some actual paid work related to whatever degree you want to apply for. Want to study maths or physics? Phone around so local engineering companies, There may well give you some summer work. You will learn something. They may offer you summer work throughout your time at university. They may even sponsor you throughout university.
Put it all on your personal statement, along with the pap they expect.