Should You Home School?

Home schooling is a rising trend. It is not a new trend either. Children of the landed gentry were tutored by full time live in tutors and governesses for hundreds of years - the Bronte sisters were governesses and their brother was a tutor, though all of them turned to other things. Everyone in the UK has the right to home school their children. Home schooling gas real advantages and disadvantages.

It is badly regulated and a lot of home schooled children are badly treated and educated.
Children do not frequently meet other children and may find it hard to socialise.
Exams have to be arranged privately. This involves paperwork, phone calls, expense and frustration.
The student must go through the process themselves of applying to university, possibly without any advice
Children may not have access to all the resources available in a school - computers, library, swimming pool, sports ground...
Children may not have access to all the stimulation and teaching knowledge available in a school
Home tutors for specialist subjects can make home tutoring very expensive
without a set timetable, it may be hard to motivate children

The advantages are probably fewer
No holiday restrictions.
Study what you want
School bullies will be no problem

People with a personal agenda can find it easy to inflict themselves on children
Despite this home tutoring continues to grow, as many parents consider the children failed by the state system, and some children refuse to go to school or are expelled and find home tutoring to be their only option.