Why a Maths GCSE is so Importnat

Maths GCSE or equivalent is a prerequisite for many courses. If is almost always required for a degree, and also plumbing/electrician apprenticeships, and apprenticeships with many big companies. Even if a maths GCSE is not actually required for a job, it will place you ahead of someone who has't got one when you apply for that job.

People who have a GCSE at maths go on to earn 7% more than people who have not by the age of 30, according to one study.

Even more importantly perhaps, people with a maths GCSE manage their finances better. They are more likely to be able to buy a house and are less likely to get into financial difficulties and have it repossessed.

A lot of profit forecasts and major decisions are made on the basis of quick back-of-the-envelope calculations involving percentages, ratios, fractions and decimals that is exactly the sort of thing you learn in GCSE maths. These calculations must often be made quickly, and recalculated with different assumptions to maximise profits or make better decisions.

Even addicted gamblers and poker players can benefit from a GCSE in maths. It is not the case that the house always wins - there is a company in Las Vegas, USA that will train you to honestly beat the house, using the laws of probability - the same laws of probability that you can learn in GCSE maths.

Get a GCSE in maths. You only need to do it once.