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Students and Work

Student loans wont pay the bills of any student these days. A box room in London can cost a hundred pounds a wok, and other costs mean the average student cannot live on less than about £200 pounds a week. Banks these days are not eager to give money on a promise they will be paid when you get a good job at some point in the future.

For many students there is no choice but work while you study.

Part time work is not a killer, and may even help some students to step back from their studies, and get a sort of rest, but for most students it is probably not a good idea. Students who work during term time get poorer grades and are more likely to drop out. Term time work is usually low status - bar work or fast food - and not relevant to a degree. It is not something you can put on your CV>

Summer time work is more more advantageous. Students will have had their exams, and be using summer work as work experience. They are more likely to get study related work, and actually learn something.

Advice is - work the summer to put money in the bank, and beg/borrow/bugger your bank cards to avoid having to work during term.