Taking a Gap Year

Many students in the UK take a tear out doing something useful or travelling between finishing sixth form and starting university. This year can be mind broadening, going to teach in a school in some poor country, sailing around the world, working in a Caribbean bar while learning to scuba dive and qualifying as a diving instructor, or just being the annoying CEO's daughter in your day's bank.

Some of the skills learnt will be useful later on and it can all go on your CV.

Examples of how students spent gap years
Volunteers in Game reserves in Africa
AIDS education and prevention volunteers
Climate change investigator
Volunteer to create eco - tourism projects
Conflict resolution volunteer in an post civil war situation
Learning a language with working abroad
Reconstruction in disaster hit area like New Orleans
Volunteer with VS
Ag original development volunteer in Australia

There are very many opportunities to work as environmental education volunteers, reconstruction volunteers, education volunteers. There are agenies that will organise a gap year from a range of options. Search the internet or ask you teachers.