Your Child and Reading

The number one thing a parent can do kelp their chield's education to help them read.

Gave them read, read to them, have them write. Make sure their are a good selection of books around. Most homes today have no books, or very few books and nothing as advanced as a shelf of books. The Libray has been replaced by the e - reader, but the e - reader discourages reading as just any quick thrill peace of technology - not slow burn pleasure.

Buy books full of pictures, and even anything by the quite frankly cliched JK Rowling, as long as it encourages children to read. Encourage them to read newspapers, not read electronic news or watch TV. Summer is the best time to read. There is nothing to do for at least six weeks, and depending how dedicated they are, a child might read one, or many more than one books each week. This kind of vacant summer, spent reading, is much better for the soul and education than a summer spent full of activities which must be ticked off as having been done.