Should You Take a Foundation Year?

A University foundation year may be considered by those students who have either not got the required grades at A - Level to start a Degree or mature students who have not crammed for a while. While it is a route into University for some, there are big disadvantages.
It will mean an extra year a University. his will typically mean an extra year away from home, running up bills and taking on extra student loan debts.
A foundation year is basically the required material from A level crammed into a single year. If a student has already taken A - Levels and not done well, this will essentially be an A - Level retake. Someone who has not studied for a while will be trying ti cram a two year A - Level course into a single year and might well find this too much. Such students may be better off taking A - Levels. They will be better equipped to study at University and will avoid a year of running up student loan debts. They will also be taking a two year course over two years, and will be more likely to pass.