• Induction in Trigonometric Proofs

    Proving trigonometric identities using induction follows the usual route. The identity usually involves summing a trigonometric series or simplifying a product. 1. Define the identity to be proved so that the statement is equivalent to ' is true'. 2....

  • Series and Products

    Many trigonometric series simplify and add in a very satisfying way. is a geometric sequence with first term and common ratio so we can use the formula for the sum of a geometric sequence to find the sum of the series. As and in general so that so In...

  • Symbols and Notation

    -the set of positive integers and zero –x is greater than y is greater than –x is less than y x >=y – x is greater than or equal to y -the set of integers, -the set of positive integers, -the set of rational numbers -the set of positive rational...


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