Labels Used in Algebra

There are many symbols and letters used in algebra, and many of them have a special meaning.
  is a very special number, special enough to have a symbol to label it.
Less special numbers have letters to label them. Unknown numbers are labelled  
, as are coordinate axes, though other symbols can be used.
Integers are generally labelled  
  (the 'natural numbers' are the positive integers) and  
Lengths can be labelled by lots of different letter:  
\[a, \: b, \: c\]
  are used for triangles,  
\[a, \: b, \: h\]
  are used for trapeziums, and  
  is used for the radius of a circle.  
  is used to label the length of an arc - part of the perimeter - of a circle, and  
  is used to lbel the slant height of a cone.

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