Production of an Induced EMF By Relative Motion

An EMF is induced in a conductor whenever the flux lines of a magnetic field are cut. If the magnetic field is perpendicular to the surface, the magnetic fluxpassing through the areais defined in terms of the magnetic field strength

In a uniform fieldThis shows B can be thought of as magnetic flux density and implies the units(also called Weber (Wb)).

If the area A is not perpendicular to the magnetic field but at an angle %theta to it, the area facing the field isand the flux through the area A isillustrated below.

We can find the induced EMF E in a current loop as it moves through a magnetic field perpendicular to the field (shown as x's or tails of arrows in the diagram).

The amount of fluxcut as the coil moves a distanceisand and this happens in a timeso we can takewhereis the speed.


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